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Throwback Thursday - Blouses.

Better late than never, right?

Every now and then, someone brings up a random celebrity, and I think about them in the most hilarious way possible. Today, the local radio station had a fairly interesting conversation about black male sexuality in sports and entertainment, after R&B artist Frank Ocean released a letter detailing that his first love was a man.

Part of the conversation included musical legend Prince, who seemed to transcend the traditional picture of male sexuality, regardless of his small stature, long hair, and high-reaching vocal range. Naturally, this is the first thing that came to mind:

For the record: it’s been over eight years since this.

This is the Prince era in a nutshell. And who knew he could ball like that? For two years, Dave Chappelle gave us so much “just cause” comedy in one space, we couldn’t handle it. And he couldn’t handle us not handling it. But, was it worth it? Totally worth it. (See what I did there?)

Hey…do you guys want some grapes?

- The Compartmentalist