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Are Ya Ready For Some FOOTBALL?

I’m pretty sure these three guys are.

We might still be in the dog days of summer, but the good ol’ boys are already putting on the pads. And this year, there’s more than a few reasons for Bears fans to be excited about their team.

The biggest question of the offseason got answered when Matt Forte finally got his money, and the focus turned to how successful the Bears could possibly be this year. Jay Cutler is back from the thumb injury that killed his 2011 season, as well as the careers of Jerry Angelo, Mike Martz, and Caleb Hanie (I’ll be surprised if he even gets a CFL call after that debacle of a stretch). Devin Hester, while he may not be the receiver the staff thought he could be, proved that he’s still the most dangerous return man in the game. Julius Peppers and Brian Urlacher led a Bears defense that fought as much as it could to balance out the lack of offense, and are looking to get a little younger and deeper as the old heads get ready to pass the torch.

Plus, there are all the new kids!

"Okay, Jason, this is the plan: if you EVER have to fill in for Jay, this is the guy you throw it to, mmmkay?"

New Bears general manager Phil Emery made himself a very likable guy almost immediately, addressing the team’s most often talked about needs. He picked up Brandon Marshall for a 6 piece and an RC from Harold’s; a backup QB with league success in Jason Campbell; another big, strong receiver in the draft, Alshon Jeffery; and a bruiser backup to Matt Forte in Michael Bush. Although the questions about the offensive line remain (quite frankly, any team without Frank Omiyale on it should earn an extra Madden rating point), the offensive side of the ball is primed to be the most dynamic some Chicago fans have ever seen.

The bigger question is, how will the Bears fare in the NFC North? The Packers are who they are, and Aaron Rodgers is a monster. The Lions might actually be respectable again, but only in the football success sense. I’ve waited for them to not suck since Barry Sanders, but they took the entitled douchebag route to get there, and Jim Schwartz isn’t helping matters any. The Vikings are just not that good right now; I hope for their fans sake, Adrian Peterson is still worth the price of admission after his injury, but barring a Lions breakdown, they’re at the bottom of the totem pole.

The battle starts in two days. For the fans, we can catch them in Bourbonnais starting Thursday. Could this be the year that Chicago has been waiting on for 27 seasons? Looks good on paper.

I’m ready. In the words of a very hungry football player…CAN’T WAIT.

- The Compartmentalist

Oh, and if you’ve been slacking, here’s the schedule!